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MIX Moderator Training
Our website is being developed by a team of contributors sharing 5 hours a week to create the web application. (We can use more help: Get Involved!)

Until it's ready, our primary focus is to organize a few MIXs a week to show people just how easy, fun and impactful being a MIX Moderators is!

And when we launch we can hit the ground running!
MIX what you love, connect with new and interesting people from around the world!
Past MIXs
We have had over 250 Live MIXs so far, what you see below are the most recent MIXs. We're just launching Virtual MIXs to help people confront being stuck inside their homes!
Saturday, April 18 11:30 to 12:15 (Lisbon Time)
Monday, April 13, 2020
Nov 20 - Lisbon
Nov 13 - Lisbon
Nov 3 - Frankfurt
October 23 - Lisbon
Aug 28 - Lisbon
Aug 29 - Lisbon
Aug 21 - Lisbon
July 30 - Lisbon
July 28 - Porto
July 25 - Lisbon
July 10 - Lisbon
July 8 - Lisbon
You choose the date, time, location and theme. MIX what you love, connect cultures, improve the world!
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